Promax Ends Exclusive Distribution of OCP Inks

After more than 10 years as an exclusive OCP distributor, about it view Promax Imaging Ltd and OCP are dissolving their exclusive relationship effective 1st July 2015.

“We have had a long and productive relationship with OCP,” said Promax Imaging Managing Director, Chris Brooks. “But the time has come to respond to significant market pressures in the inkjet remanufacturing industry.”

“Promax Imaging Ltd is now diversifying its ink range. We are working with other premium quality ink manufacturers who have offered us their products. We expect to release our own range of inks shortly: all backed by Promax Imaging and its reputation for product excellence.”

Promax Imaging Ltd will continue to supply OCP ink to the remanufacturing industry. “But we are also diversifying. We have recently become involved in the supply of dyes and pigment dispersions to the cosmetics trade. Our wealth of knowledge and experience of inks has made this a logical step for us. However to meet the stringent health and safety requirements for cosmetics, we were obliged to go to other suppliers. We cannot therefore trade exclusively with OCP.”

Brooks continued, “We shall be offering food dyes, suitable for use in printers to make cake decorations and similar products. We have also found a good market in sublimation inks and wide format solvent and aqueous printer inks that we will now be exploiting.”

“Of course this does not mean the end of our relationship with OCP. We will continue to supply their inks to any of our customers who specifically wish to purchase them. However we must be responsive to significant pressure from our customers by offering them a wider choice of high quality premium products in a rapidly changing industry.”